Guard Qualifications

All SMS Security Guards Company security officers meet Thailand Security Requirements such as age, education, training, drug testing and police background checks.


All security officers are paid more than the Thailand minimum wage after passing probation. This assists in keeping the guards working and reduce turnover. We also pay for holidays and working on their day off in accordance with Thailand Labor Laws.

Uniforms and Equipment

Unlike some security companies in Thailand, SMS Security Guards provides all uniforms and equipment free of charge to the security officers. We also do not charge for any security deposits or recruitment fees.


All SMS Security Guard Company security officers must meet the below requirements:

  • Thai Citizen Only – Male and Female security officers are hired depending on the preference of the client.
  • Minimum 19 years old; maximum 60
  • Education of at least M6 level
  • Good Health – Weight must be proportional to their height
  • No drug users. All security officers are regularly and randomly tested to ensure they are not using illegal substances.
  • No arrest history.  All security officers undergo a background check prior to hiring to ensure they meet our standards.


We are committed to provide the highest standards of training to our staff to ensure that they are capable after training, of understanding and carrying out the tasks entrusted to them.

All SMS Security Guards security officers attend a mandatory company 40 hour training program to ensure they understand the requirements of the customer. This is followed up with specific on-site training / on-the-job training.

In addition, the security officers must attend the Thailand Security Guard Training Program conducted by the Royal Thai Police.


Furthermore, SMS Security Guards has a company designed Individual Development Program that can be accessed via the web or smart phone. Guards can take refresher training and specially designed courses to improve their skills.

Certificate of Completion